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Best friends Omar and Oz made history Block when the sale of their house at auction netted them a whopping $1.6 million profit.

That’s the biggest profit any team has ever made on the show, and means each Season 18 winner has roughly an extra $800,000 in their bank accounts.

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But in an interview after the auction at Todaythe couple admitted they would be happy if their home sold for much less.

“This first offer [of $4.5 million] we were 420 thousand dollars [profit]we were happy to go home with it, it’s more than we could have imagined,” Omar told hosts David Campbell and Amelia Adams.

Omar and Oz The Block 2022 Auctions
Omar and Oz are still riding high after their big block win. (nine)

Instead of stopping there, the auction turned into a bidding war between Adrian Portelli and Danny Wallis. The two men continued to outbid each other until Danny offered $5,666,666.66, well above the reserve price of $4,080,000.

Watching the bids climb up and all the way to record numbers has been quite a ride for Omar and Oz.

“It just kept going, we just shut down,” Omar said.

Oz agreed, “Trust me after seeing the numbers we just ran out and the rest is history.”

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Unfortunately for the other contestants, the other auctions did not turn out so well.

Tom and Sarah-Jane only made $20,000 in profit and Rachel and Ryan made $169,000 in profit, while Ankur and Sharon and Dylan and Jenny’s houses didn’t sell at all that day.

This meant that Omar and Oz’s incredible victory was bittersweet indeed.

“We were thrilled with our results, but as soon as we walked in and saw the first result for House 1, we were devastated,” Oz admitted.

“Yes, it’s a competition, but at the end of the day, we don’t want to see anyone go down like that. Unfortunately, that’s what happened yesterday and there’s nothing we can do.”

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Auction Block 2022
Omar and Oz were shocked when Tom and Sarah-Jane made such a low profit from them. (nine)

While Omar and Oz were just hoping to make enough money with theirs Block it to give their children the opportunities they didn’t have growing up, they now have a lot more money to work with.

Omar described the $1.6 million as “life-changing.” and presented what their next steps are.

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“We’re going to go home and Oz and I will think and see where life takes us next,” he said.

Oz added: “Everybody saw what these two great minds did, we broke history and we’re going to continue it outside.”

The top stars revealed that they haven’t had much of a chance to sleep since the auction on Saturday and the Grand Finale episode that aired on Sunday, as the celebrations lasted all weekend.

“We’re definitely celebrating with the kids, they kept us up all night and all morning, so we feel like we’re back on Block,” Oz joked.

Watch the video above for Omar and Oz’s full Today submit an interview.

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