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Which cruise lines have lowered travel restrictions related to COVID?

Here’s everything you need to know about which cruise lines have dropped vaccine mandates and pre-cruise testing requirements (and which ones still have rules in place).


According to recent Squaremouth research, 65% of cruise travelers said they are no longer worried about COVID.

With many countries dropping all entry restrictions in recent months, cruise lines have been following suit and eliminating onerous requirements such as mask wearing, vaccine mandates and pre-cruise COVID testing.

However, not all cruise lines have yet returned to normal business.

Here’s an overview of which cruise lines have lowered restrictions and which still have rules in place:

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The cruise lines that have dropped ALL restrictions

The following cruise lines have removed all restrictions, including vaccination, testing and mask rules, with exceptions only for itineraries visiting countries with restrictions still in place.

  • Norwegian Cruise Line: NCL was one of the first cruise lines to drop vaccine mandates e pre-cruise tests. The only exceptions are for the few countries that still require vaccinations and/or testing, such as Bermuda.

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Caribbean Cruise
  • Royal Caribbean: Vaccinations and tests are no longer necessary, except for cruises that visit a small number of ports such as Haiti or Colombia, where restrictions still exist.
  • Princess Cruises: Travelers are no longer required to provide proof of vaccination or testing on most trips, with the exception of select “enhanced guidelines travel” to destinations that still have restrictions.
  • Celebrity Cruises: They removed vaccination and testing requirements for all travelers, with the exception of itineraries that include destinations such as Bermuda, Honduras and Turks and Caicos.
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  • Disney Cruise Line: The latest cruise line to drop all requirements is Disney Cruise Line, with exceptions only for certain ports of call.

Cruise lines with some restrictions

These cruise lines allow unvaccinated guests but still have some sort of testing requirement for those who have chosen to pass on the vaccine.

  • Carnival Cruise Line: Vaccinations and tests are no longer required, with the exception of the few destinations that still require it. However, an important exception to note is that for cruises of 16 nights or more, vaccinations are still required for all passengers.
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  • Holland America Line: Unvaccinated guests must present a negative test performed within 3 days of departure. For cruises of 16 nights or more, all guests must be vaccinated and present a negative test.
  • MSC Cruises: Vaccinations are no longer required, but unvaccinated guests must show proof of a negative COVID test prior to departure.

Cruise lines with strong restrictions

The following cruise lines still require all passengers to be vaccinated and exclude unvaccinated travelers.

Aerial panoramic view of Reichsburg Castle in Cochem in the Moselle Valley, Germany
  • AmaWaterways: This river cruise line still requires all passengers to be vaccinated in order to sail with them.
  • Cunard Line: All guests over the age of 18 must show proof of vaccination and a booster shot. Unvaccinated passengers between the ages of 5 and 17 must present a negative test prior to departure.
  • viking: This river cruise line enforces a strict vaccination and booster policy and periodically tests guests once they are on board.

What you need to know about cruising right now

Cruise in a beautiful cove with sailboats

With more and more cruise lines dropping all travel requirements related to COVID, it’s back to business as usual.

However, with certain destinations still enforcing vaccination and/or testing requirements, be sure to thoroughly research your cruise itinerary before booking if you want to avoid potential restrictions in countries that have not yet fully reopened to all travelers.

Currently, more than 120 countries have abandoned all restrictions, including many popular cruise destinations in the Caribbean and Europe.

However, Asia and Oceania, and some countries in Central and South America, still have stricter rules.

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