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Time travel has been a story element in DC Comics since Alphonse Barreaux’s 1935 History Crystal. Funny New Comics #1. Since that initial story, many creators have used the plot device for generic comedy or adventure tales. It wasn’t until 1942 that costumed heroes traveled back in time. After that, time became a place for super-adventurers to explore.

RELATED: 10 Best Time Travel ComicsBecause time travel messes up cause and effect, publication date is the only real way to consider which characters broke the time barrier first. Anytime someone tries to explain the paradoxes of time travel, it makes brains growl and eyes cross. Better to remember that these are comic book stories and just enjoy the ride.

10/10 Captain Marvel helped Dr. Sivana build a time machine

Whiz Comics #26, January 1942

Fawcett's Captain Marvel helps a warship avoid mines.

In the 1940s, DC Comics saw real competition from Fawcett Comics and the original Captain Marvel, now known as Shazam. DC bought Fawcett in the 1970s, along with Captain Marvel and all of their other heroes. DC quickly incorporated them into their lineup of heroes and villains accordingly.

The Big Red Cheese’s first experience of time travel occurred in January 1942 WHIZ Comics #26 by CC Beck. The hero went to Dr. Vanna’s lab and the two built a time machine together. Dr. Vanna fell into the time machine and emerged as Marvel’s nemesis, Dr. Sivana, who successfully tricked the hero into taking a trip back to prehistoric times before a time traveler from 6942 helped Billy find his way. the House.

9/10 The Flash Jay Garrick used time travel pills

All Flash #4, March 1942

The Golden Age Flash, Jay Garrick, fights a French Musketeer in DC Comics

The original Flash, Jay Garrick’s first time travel was powered not by his fantastic speed but by pills made by Professor Archibald McQuatness. It fell in March 1942 All Flash #4 by Gardner Fox and EE Hibbard. McQuatness traveled 2,000 years back to witness the Flash burying a time capsule. His backer, the crooked Reginald Hasto, tried to kill the professor and steal the buried treasure.

RELATED: 15 Fastest Characters From All Over the DC MultiverseThe Flash intervened, and the next adventure took place in ancient Rome, where the speedster won a reward for saving Julius Caesar. In the end, Hasto stumbled into his own death trap, dying for nothing as the time capsule was empty from the start.

8/10 Seven soldiers of victory visited Troy with Dr. Doome’s time machine

Leading Comics #3, June 1942

The Seven Soldiers of Victory travel to the Trojan War in DC Comics

It seems strange to know that Green Arrow traveled through time before Batman or Superman. However, in June 1942 Leading Comics #3, the archer was among the Seven Soldiers of Victory when they pursued the evil scientist Dr. Doome in the past. Yes, twenty years before Marvel’s Doctor Doom, DC had a villain named Dr. Doome with a time machine.

Doome brought in historical villains like Napoleon and Genghis Khan to steal from him, causing the soldiers to split up to thwart them. They regrouped to confront Doome only to have him flee to the past, where they pursued him until the end of the Trojan War. The story ended with Doome’s machine exploding, trapping the villain in the distant future.

7/10 Mr. Terrific was summoned to save the future Earth

Sensation Comics #28, April 1944

The Golden Age Mr.  Terrific summoned to the future in DC Comics.

The much less famous Golden Age Mr. Terrific traveled in time before any of the three major DC Comics heroes, making his first trip in April 1944. In this tale, he was summoned to the year 7532 to rescue an influential scientist named the Coordinator after he was kidnapped by the would-be tyrant Black Barax.

RELATED: The 10 Best Comics of the 1940s, RankedThe adventure showed how Golden Age writers built solid logic into their time travel stories. The Coordinator’s unique function was to stabilize Earth’s orbit after a rogue planet entered the solar system. Rebel planets were a suspected cosmic threat in the 1940s, and Edwin Balmer and Philip Wylie depicted this scenario in their 1934 novel. When worlds collide. Mr. Terrific was able to save the future Earth and apprehend the thugs he was fighting in 1944 by having the future scientists send him back to the exact moment he disappeared.

6/10 Midnight also used time travel pills

Smash Comics #52, April 1944

Midnight leads to an escape from Nero's soldiers.  in DC Comics

He looks like a photocopy of Will Eisner The Spirit it wasn’t enough for midnight. He also stole a page from Flash’s book using time travel pills. This happened when Midnight’s equivalent of Gyro Gearloose, Doc Wackey, created a batch of time travel pills.

A careless thought sent the group to Nero’s Rome. Attacked by Roman soldiers, they are brought before Nero. Midnight led his escape but ended up setting Rome’s capital on fire. Doc Wackey brought the group back to the present, leaving Nero to blame for the big fire.

5/10 Wonder Woman accidentally traveled through time

Wonder Woman #9, June 1944

Wonder Woman fighting a saber tooth tiger in DC Comics

In Wonder Woman #9, William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter told the story of Professor Zool’s Evolutionizer. The Professor first used the machine to turn a gorilla named Giganta into a woman. When Giganta attacked Wonder Woman, she damaged the machine and sent everyone around to prehistoric times.

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In a confusing development, the human characters also became primitive forms. However, Giganta saved the day when he discovered that Wonder Woman’s magical lasso could serve as a power source for the machine. It was one of the most chaotic forays into time travel in DC’s early history.

4/10 Batman and Robin sent their minds to ancient Rome

Batman #24, August 1944

Batman and Robin obviously love to ride a Roman chariot in DC Comics

In the Golden Age, Batman and Robin had an ally who developed two methods of time travel. Before Professor Carter Nichols built a physical time machine, he developed a means to psychically send a person into the past. Batman and Robin used this method in their first time travel in August 1944.

The adventure saw Professor Nichols send Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson back to ancient Rome, where the heroes donned their disguises to foil a nefarious plot. However, Nichols assumed his experiment failed because the two muttered about Batman and Robin while under hypnosis.

3/10 Green Lantern went to the legendary Camelot

All-American Comics #72, April 1946

The Golden Age Green Lantern fights a knight in DC Comics

In All-American Comics #72, Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman sent Green Lantern Alan Scott into the past. Here, Merlin summoned Green Lantern and his sidekick Doiby Dickles to Camelot to help King Arthur, who needed help defeating a dragon and finding a missing Chinese delegation.

In a confusing twist, the dragon turned out to be Roger Bacon perfecting his formula for gunpowder in seclusion. Green Lantern used the explosive to defeat an evil knight and save the Chinese delegation. Fortunately, the delegation had Scott’s flashlight with them, so he was able to charge his ring and head home.

2/10 Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel Jr. they chased the sons of Sivana through time

Marvel Family #10, April 1947

The Golden Age Marvel family stops the Sivana family in Fawcett Comics

Marvel Family #10, by Otto Binder, CC Beck, Pete Costanza, Jack Binder and Bud Thompson, featured the Marvels following the super-scientist Sivana’s evil family through time. Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. got into trouble when the Sivana cut them off from the mystical energy source. However, they were able to destroy the machine by sabotaging its powers and save the day.

As usual, the Marvel Family was able to make short work of their counterparts in raising Doctor Sivanas once his powers were restored. Like many Golden Age Shazam stories, however, managed to take things in unexpected directions. Instead of visiting cavemen or ancient Rome, the Sivanas were pillaging ancient, futuristic versions of Atlantis.

1/10 Green Lantern led the JSA after Per Degaton

All-Star Comics #35, June 1947

Per Degaton alters the history of the JSA in the Golden Age of DC Comics

As reported by John Broome, Irwin Hasen, Paul Reinhart, Lee Elias and the legendary Joe Kubert, All-Star Comics #35 was the first time travel adventure for the Atom, Dr. Mid-Nite, Johnny Thunder and Hawkman. Other members of the JSA, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman and Flash had already traveled through time.

When the JSA learned that the time-altering villain Per Degaton changed history, they chased him into the past, using the power of Green Lantern’s ring. The heroes fought to prevent a key loss of Alexander the Great. When they stopped Per Degaton’s plan, the timeline reasserted itself, erasing the collective memories of Per Decaton’s alternate timeline world while history was repaired.

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