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Children’s in Ontario hospital opened a second intensive care unit to treat what it says is an extraordinary number of critically ill babies and young children.

The Ottawachildren’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, or CHEO, says the peak of the virus season came early, shipping children to hospital at levels never seen before in their history.

dr. Lindy Samson, chief of staff at CHEO, says provincial funding made it possible hospital crisis response, as hospital admits more than double the usual number of young patients who come in sicker than usual.

The new intensive care unit consists of five additional beds temporarily redeployed from the hospital’s surgical day unit, with intensive care-trained clinicians redeployed from other areas to staff it.

CHEO says it is also recruiting and reassigning staff to patient-facing roles in urgent, acute and critical care.

Samson renewed his appeals to the people Ottawa to wear masks indoors to reduce the spread of viral diseases such as COVID-19.

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