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Clockwise from top left: Travel Weekly's Jamie Biesiada and Rebecca Tobin and Nexion's Jackie Friedman.

Clockwise from top left: Travel Weekly’s Jamie Biesiada and Rebecca Tobin and Nexion’s Jackie Friedman.

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This is the second half of a conversation between host Rebecca Tobin and retail reporter Jamie Biesiada with Jackie Friedman, the president of host agency Nexion: solid talk about the rise of the independent contractor is our episode today. A good portion of travel sales are handled by independent contractors, or ICs, meaning the advisor has their own business but is affiliated with another larger agency or host agency for support, better commission levels, training, marketing guarantee etc.

One of the most surprising pandemic trends for agencies has been the rise in the number of CIs, and Friedman has some thoughts on that; let’s get into it here.

In terms of information, the US Department of Labor proposed a rule that would make it more difficult for companies to categorize workers as IC; and this rule is intended to help classify workers who are related to employees. Two links below explore how this rule may affect travel agencies with many ICs and, of course, ICs themselves.

This episode has been edited for length and clarity.

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