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(CNN) – Accidentally leaving your smartphone at home is one thing, but leaving it at an airport shortly before boarding a flight is quite another.

A Southwest Airlines passenger found himself in this unfortunate situation after forgetting his phone in a gate area at Long Beach Airport in Los Angeles.

By the time a customer taking a separate flight saw it and alerted the crew, boarding had already finished and the aircraft had been moved away.

However, the staff on the ground quickly worked together to ensure the phone was safely returned to its owner.

In a video shared by the Dallas-based airline on Nov. 13, a pilot is seen leaning out of the cockpit window in an attempt to retrieve him from ramp workers on the ground.

As a staff member makes an unsuccessful attempt to jump out and hand it to the pilot, a second ramp worker steps in and manages to get it to him.

According to Chris Perry, a spokesman for Southwest Airlines, the passenger who discovered the phone had been chatting with its owner shortly before, so he was able to inform the crew of the flight they were traveling on.

When operations officers realized that the flight in question was already fully boarded, they contacted the captain.

“The captain immediately suggested that the ramp agents on the ground try to get the phone back to the customer,” Perry told CNN via email. “The rest was caught on video!”

Although the owner of the phone has not been identified, we think it’s safe to assume that they were hugely grateful for the gesture.

The video was posted on World Kindness Day, an international holiday created to promote kindness around the world, along with a message using the hashtag #WorldKindnessDay. It is not clear when the picture was taken.

It comes after Turkish traveler Rumeysa Gelgi, the world’s tallest living woman, shared a touching post of her plane journey from Turkey to San Francisco, which was made possible when Turkish Airlines removed several seats so she could comfortably rest on a stretcher during the 13. – travel time in September.

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