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Babies have perhaps the largest footprint of any human combined. They have a bed that is much larger than their proportions, they have their own devices for the dining table, the car and the outdoors, and let’s not dive into the large number of diapers that go through in a month. The point I’m trying to get at is that babies, by virtue of their accessories, can take up tons of space…although the Babaming Bedside & Travel Crib wants that to change. Built with a unique folding design that closes flat (so you can store it in closets, behind headboards or under beds), the Babaping Bedside & Travel Crib is an award-winning crib that’s designed for comfort but also for compactness. fold down). , the crib comes with 360° wheels that allow you to move it around (in both closed and open formats) and lock them in place when you don’t want your crib to shift. This makes moving the crib from room to room a breeze, making it easier for parents to manage a grumpy baby at night.

Designer: Ashley Robinson (Bababing UK)

The Babaming Bedside & Travel Crib’s super-fast folding/folding feature is a “market first,” the company says. It folds down to a slim profile that can be easily moved and stored, as well as stowed in the back of a car to take with you on vacations and trips. The folding mechanism operates with a simple click, without the need to disassemble it. The cot includes a luxuriously soft and breathable interior lining (Kose CoolTM) that provides babies with maximum comfort regardless of the weather, and just below the bed is a dedicated storage space for storing baby’s belongings and accessories.

The Babaming travel and bedside cot includes all safety tests in accordance with baby cot standards. Other key features include fully lockable wheels for safety, mesh sides for improved airflow and breathability, and visual details such as wood trim, high-quality fabrics, and machine-washable materials.

The Babaming Bedside & Travel Crib is the winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.


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