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The online application process for admission to all government and non-government high schools for the upcoming academic term is likely to begin on November 16 and 17.

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) has sent the proposals – to start the process, along with the proposed dates for the lottery – to the Ministry of Education for approval, DSHE Director (Secondary Education) Mohammad Belal Hossain told The Daily Star.

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DSHE has proposed December 10 as the date of draw for admission to government schools and December 13 for non-government schools, officials said.

“We hope to get approval for the proposed guidelines for the entrance test soon,” the DSHE director said this morning.

If approved, the online application process will end on December 6, officials said.

This year’s applications for government and non-government schools will be held on the same website, with two windows – one for public schools and the other for their non-government counterparts. Students will be able to choose five schools against one form. The cost of the form will be set at Tk 110.

Details of this year’s process, including the lottery system, will be revealed soon through a notification.

For the past decade, admission to Grade 1 has been through a nationwide lottery. Last year, the government also introduced a lottery system for all secondary school classes.

In 2020, due to Covid-19, all enrollments in schools took place via lottery.

The enrollment process at state primary schools is completely different. Schools enroll all students who apply, and no entrance exam is required.

Every year, millions of students and their guardians across the country wait for admission day. The majority of students are enrolled in the 1st grade at the beginning of their academic life and in the 6th grade after completing primary school education.

According to the Directorate of Basic Education, in 2021, 3,250,251 students were enrolled in the 1st grade across the country. In the same year, according to the Bangladesh Bureau of Education Information and Statistics, there were 21,09,353 students enrolled in the 6th grade.

DSHE’s objective in introducing the lottery system was to reduce the hassle of students and guardians who previously had to travel from one school to another for admission.

Another objective was to mitigate “allegations of irregularities and corruption” in the admission process at non-government schools, top officials of the directorate told The Daily Star.

Before the lottery system, all schools accepted students only on the basis of available places.


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