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Evans was rested in the 1-0 defeat as Mowbray feared he was one of the few Sunderland players at risk of injury due to fatigue after playing a key role in the opening stages of the season.

Despite Dan Neil and Abdoullah Ba impressing against Huddersfield Town as a midfield duo when introduced on the bench in the second half, both struggled to protect their team from Cardiff’s counter-attacking threat.

The qualities that Evans has brought to the side over the past eight months have been clearly exposed in his absence and it is a point Mowbray has already admitted has seen the club look to add cover for Evans in the closing stages of the transfer window. Although it is a position PSG loanee Edouard Michut would like to compete for in the long term, a groin injury has ruled him out until the upcoming World Cup break.

Sunderland midfielder Corry Evans

“We look at the opposition and whoever is fit, we have to find a combination and a balance,” said Mowbray.

“You can throw Embleton and Pritchard in there in terms of that part of the pitch.

“If you play one six and two eights, you have to say that Pritchard and Embleton are part of that, they can both play as an eight that breaks the lines and gets forward. Obviously they can both play as a ten. we seem to have an overload of players of this type, but we seem to have a slight discrepancy in that Corry Evans is the only footballer of this type.

“Abdoullah Ba probably has the potential to play there and I think he’s starting to realize that in terms of bringing aggression into his game. We’re going to have a really talented footballer there and it’s the same with Dan Neil, what a talent. I’ve said I’ve been thinking about signing him for Blackburn, I felt he was one of the best players in League One.

“When I work with him now, I see that I have to help him in certain areas and I want to see him bring that personality to the game because he has all the qualities. He can run, he can tackle, he can make long and short passes. would take over the ball more and dominate the game a bit more, as he is an undoubted talent.

“Everyone is competing for a game and some days we play with two eights, sometimes with two sixes. We have to find the right balance.”

Evans is likely to return to the starting line-up when Sunderland travel to Birmingham City on Friday night, while Mowbray will be forced into at least one extra substitution with Luke O’Nien suspended. Trai Hume is in contention to start, while the head coach will additionally consider recalling Alex Pritchard.


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