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The Mahindra Thar, which was introduced in the market a few years ago, is still one of the popular vehicles among the off-road and SUV owner group. Like the previous generation Thar, it’s actually very hard to find a Mahindra Thar that hasn’t been modified. Mahindra Thar owners from different parts of the country are experimenting with new modifications. Some of them look great and some don’t. Some Mahindra Thar owners modify the SUV for a more premium look while others focus on enhancing off-road capabilities. Here we have a similar Mahindra Thar that comes with extreme modifications.

This video has been uploaded by Thisisgabru on his YouTube channel. In this video, the Mahindra Thar owner talks about all the modifications he has done to his SUV. The owner wanted to enhance the SUV’s off-road capabilities and the modification revolved around just that theme. Starting at the front, the stock grille has been replaced with an aftermarket unit that includes aftermarket LED headlamps. There is no modification to the bonnet. Coming down, the original bumper on the SUV has been replaced with an aftermarket off-road spec unit.

It is not a wide bumper to ensure that it does not rub against the wide and large wheels. The metal off-road bumper gets provision for fog lamps and is fitted with D-shackles. An electronic winch is also installed on the SUV. When compared to the regular Mahindra Thar, it looks huge and the main reason behind this is the lift kit that is fitted in this SUV. It gets a 5-inch lift kit. The axle on the SUV currently remains stock but, the owner plans to upgrade it as well. It can be seen in the video showing off the new suspension setup, lower and upper arms and link rods. He has chosen a neon yellow and nardo gray theme for these parts.

With a 5-inch lift kit, this highly modified Mahindra Thar looks huge. [Video]

There is a thick metal sheet that acts as a skid plate and the fuel tank and DPF tank also get metal casing for added protection. The underbody of the SUV is designed for extreme conditions. The next attraction of this SUV is the tires. The owner has opted for larger 37-inch rough terrain tires. It also increases the overall height of the thur. The off-road spec rims are all blacked out and look great on the SUV. The link rods at the rear have also been changed like the front. It is the first Mahindra Thar in the country to get disc brakes on all four wheels.

The owner can be heard saying that this has improved braking massively. At the rear, the spare wheel is also a 37-inch unit. It’s heavier than the stock 18-inch unit that’s mounted on the tailgate. A custom mount was made for the spare wheel so it wouldn’t put a load on the tailgate. It now rests on the rear bumper which is also a custom off-road spec unit. The tail lights have also been changed.


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