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Here’s an idea that surprised me. Why didn’t a travel case/stroller hybrid exist yet? It looks like the kind of thing a parent would buy and use for about 5-10 years of their life, so it’s surprising that something like this was never made or released. Easy Journey, winner of this year’s Red Dot Design Concept Award, is a travel suitcase with an integrated trolley that comes straight out the front. Its clever hardshell design allows for luggage storage, but it also has a fully equipped pushchair with hood and leg rest, big enough to fit an 18-24 month old.

Designers: Chen Shilong, Fu Qiming, Ma Jinjin

Easy Journey is for parents traveling with small children who need to be pushed in a stroller. Instead of the stroller existing as a standalone product, Taizhou University designers decided to build one into a hard-shell travel case. The case has enough space inside to store luggage (although the stroller eats up a bit) and has 3 pairs of 360° wheels. When used as a travel suitcase, it is rolled vertically, resting on 4 wheels at the bottom. However, when you want to use it in stroller mode, the Easy Journey wraps around your back, with an extra pair of wheels that pop out from inside the hard shell. The front (now top) of the box opens up to reveal a rather comfortable infant seat, which takes less than a minute to use and set up. Easy Journey is perfect for parents with young children, although it could be argued that the product has a relatively short shelf life once the child outgrows the stroller. However, for parents looking to have more than one child, the stroller cover is a pretty great investment, as it allows parents to travel with ease, bringing luggage and kids together in one organized, easy-to-handle unit.

The Easy Journey is the winner of the Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2022.


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