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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – Many flood victims in eastern Kentucky are still living in campers and temporary housing as they work to rebuild their homes and do not have reliable sources of heat.

In Breathitt County, families are moving into state-provided travel trailers.

It’s the little things, like an electric fireplace, that warm Velma McIntosh’s spirits.

Just two days ago, Velma moved into this travel trailer. She has been living with the family since their Breathitt County home was damaged by flooding in July.

“I feel like I have a place of my own and without intruding I called it.”

Velma is one of more than 2,000 people whose homes were damaged or destroyed by the floods. With winter approaching, there is an urgent push for these families to have warm and safe shelter.

a few days ago, Velma was losing hope., until she talked to her preacher.

“I was telling him I was about to lose all hope and he prayed for me, and the Tuesday after that I got the trailer and they brought me drywall for my house, the trailer I was living in and the insulation and that gave me hope again.”

A neighborhood of travel trailers sits on a lot in Breathitt County. These are some of the 320, in 10 places in the region, which house 645 people. With 224 people still staying in Kentucky state parks.

In Breathitt County, Judge Executive Jeff Noble says they are working to make sure families have a warm place.

“A lot of the biggest problem is that, something I didn’t realize, is that the houses that flooded and are semi-returning to their heat pumps are destroyed,” Noble said. “Now, they’re telling me there’s a shortage of heat pumps and pipes.”

After the flood, piles and piles of clothes will be donated to the region. Now, the need is great for winter items like heaters and blankets.

For Velma, she feels blessed to have a place where she can feel safe and warm.

“I feel like I’m home now,” Velma said.

Noble says there are still several organizations in the area helping rebuild homes and helping people find shelter. A warming shelter will be opened at the Jackson Fire Department if needed.


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