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Southern Ontario’s first major lake-effect snow event of the season will begin in the latter half of the weekend, which could threaten some areas with more than 20 cm of snow and lead to hazardous travel in places near Lake Huron and the Bay of georgia

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This weekend: Swing in the seasons as mild rain gives way to cold and snow

Windy conditions behind a cold front built across southern Ontario on Saturday, setting the stage for bands of lake-effect snow to begin rolling across the region. This is shaping up to be the first significant snowfall event of the season.

By Sunday morning, the lake-effect snow machine will be on thanks to steady northwesterly winds over relatively warm lake waters.

On Sunday

Temperatures will drop steadily overnight Saturday into Sunday morning, allowing most areas to transition to showers.

By Sunday morning, lake effect bands will be more pronounced over Lake Huron and Georgian Bay as winds align, allowing steady snow for communities southeast of the lake shores.

WATCH: When to expect lake-effect snow showers in southern Ontario

The heaviest snow in these swathes is expected to fall early Sunday morning, afternoon. The most affected areas could locally see more than 10-20 cm of snow. Conditions will change quickly over short distances in snowstorms, which can surprise drivers when visibility drops to near zero in spots.


It never hurts to take it easy and consider changing non-essential plans in areas expecting heavy snow this weekend. Blowing snow will reduce visibility even in areas where snow is not falling.

Some of the storms could grow strong enough for us to see gusts across parts of the Greater Toronto Area and the 400 series freeways. While no accumulations are expected here because the ground is still warm, it will serve as a reminder that winter is upon us. way

Toronto on the verge of hitting the latest freezing temperature on record

It’s not every year that Oklahoma City and Greensboro, North Carolina, reach the freezing mark before Toronto, but this year’s pattern of upheavals across North America has allowed each of those cities to drop to or below freezing earlier. of Canada’s largest city.


Toronto’s historic streak of above-freezing temperatures will soon come to an end with the changing pattern allowing for snow showers in southern Ontario.

The previous record for the latest reading of 0°C in Toronto occurred on November 8, 2004. It looks like we’re on track to finally hit the zero-degree mark on Monday morning, beating the old record by nearly a week.

Cold continues, more snow for next week

Colder-than-seasonal conditions will dominate next week and beyond, with another boost of arctic air and more typical early December temperatures at times.


This should bring additional lake effect snow to the traditional snow belt areas east and southeast of the Great Lakes starting Wednesday, with more rain continuing into next weekend. The localized snow totals will be quite impressive.

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We’ll see the potential for the first widespread snow of the season Tuesday night and Wednesday for eastern Ontario and possibly parts of the south. Typical of the events of mid-November, temperatures will be marginal with accumulations greatly affected by the elevation and distance from the Great Lakes.

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