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Travel company has released its research into travel trends for 2023, and an Australian city has made the list of the top 10 global destinations people want to visit.

Hobart, in Tasmania, is the only Australian destination among a list of hotspots from around the world, including Brazil, Italy, India and the United States, that people are eager to see in 2023.

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Their survey showed that 75% of people are “more optimistic about travel” than last year and 72% think that travel is “still worth it” despite financial and political uncertainties. In fact, more than half of respondents said that spending money on a vacation was still a priority.

In our post-lockdown world, people are not only thinking about where to travel, but also what they want to experience during their vacation, and many want more meaningful and exciting experiences than just lying on a beach.

These are some of the main trends the survey uncovered.

The top 10 destinations

1. São Paulo, Brazil

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2. Budva, Montenegro
3. Pondicherry, India
4. Queretaro, Mexico
5. Bolzano, Italy
6. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
7. Kalabaka, Greece
8. Santa Fe, United States

9. Olomouc, Czech Republic
10. Hobart, Australia

Most popular types of holidays

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Most people want to have a nostalgic getaway, with 61% of travelers wanting to visit a theme park and more than half planning a family reunion-focused vacation. Community holidays were also popular, followed by trips where people could blow the budget and indulge in luxury.

Most popular types of niche experiences

When it comes to vacations with a specific theme or experience, most people want to enjoy an “eccentric food” vacation by trying lots of exotic foods not found at home. Spiritual and health retreats were also popular options, while many were looking forward to attending a wilderness survival school or having an “erotic getaway”, while a third said they would be happy to have a virtual holiday at home.

How to save for that vacation

If you’ve decided on your next holiday and are figuring out how to pay for it, the survey showed the different ways people were saving to fund their holidays, with most people taking advantage of deals, tricks and smart holidays. . Others planned further in advance, used discounts or loyalty programs, or used their budget for longer vacations rather than shorter ones. Some have also considered visiting off-season destinations when prices drop.

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Where are you going in 2023?


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