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According to travel insurance comparison company Squaremouth, this fall travel season is outpacing last year by more than 38 percent. After analyzing data from thousands of travelers, the company revealed a handful of remarkable findings about fall travel.


International travel returns to its pre-Covid peak

Travelers go abroad again. So much so that international travel has increased by 48 percent compared to this time last year. While domestic travel appears to have plateaued, international travel has increased, resulting in 88 percent of travel insurance policies being purchased for international travel.

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Caribbean countries find competition

At the height of the pandemic, Caribbean destinations saw the most fall travelers. But as travel around the world has resumed and European countries have reopened their borders or eased entry requirements, destinations such as the UK, Italy, Spain and France are once again ranking as the most popular autumn destinations .

Portugal is now one of the main European destinations

Portugal is gaining popularity and for the first time has become one of the top 10 most popular European destinations, Squaremouth has found.

Spending by travelers reaches an all-time high

More than ever, fall travelers are spending more money on their vacations. The average cost of travel this year was $4,286, up 20 percent from last year and up 19 percent from the year before the 2019 pandemic.

Egypt and Australia are the most expensive destinations

Overall, spending on international travel is up more than 21 percent since last year, driven by high-priced international vacations. Of Squaremouth’s 20 most popular fall destinations, Egypt and Australia are the most expensive, with average travel costs of $6,530 and $6,256 respectively.


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