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Enrollments at three schools in the town could be cut under plans being discussed by the council.

Councilors from Brighton and Hove City Council will meet later today to consider plans to reduce the number of reception places at Downs Infant School in Ditchling Road, Hertford Infant School in Hertford Road and Hove Junior School in Portland Road.

Under the proposals, places at Downs Infant School would be cut by a quarter, from 120 to 90 pupils, while places at Hertford Infant School would be halved, from 60 to 30 pupils – as part of a wider plan to replace the current school. infant and junior schools with one level entry, one level primary school in the future.

Under the plans, Hove Junior School’s intakes would be reduced from 66 to 64.

The proposed cuts have the support of all participating school governing bodies and would come into force from September 2024.

The number of pupils enrolled in primary school in the city and in the country has been decreasing in recent years, and is expected to decrease even more in the coming years.

Lead councilor for schools Sarah Nield said: “Locally and nationally we continue to face a very serious problem with the number of children starting school in the next few years falling.

“Councils have no control over birth rates or which schools parents prefer for their children. This makes planning future school sites a complex task.

“If we agree to consult on these proposals, it will be an opportunity for governors, headteachers, families and residents to express their views on our proposals – and suggest alternative options to tackle the problems in the coming years caused by falling birth rates.”

Councilors will meet this afternoon at 4 p.m. to discuss the proposed arrangements for school admissions for the academic year 2024/2025 at a meeting of the committee for children, young people and skills.


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