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Bucs coach Todd Bowles.

The Seahawks landed in Munich on Thursday. The Bucs landed here on Friday. Both coaches, Pete Caroll and Todd Bowles, rely on the experience of playing in Europe and the intelligence of their respective front offices.

If there were specific teams to come to Europe and play with a minimal amount of jet lag and body clock issues, Joe is sure every NFL team would use the same method.

So who will have the upper hand on the trip? There may not be. With Seattle in the Pacific Northwest and Tampa on the West Coast of the East Coast, the Bucs should have a huge advantage, right?

Not so fast. The creator, curator and general guru of Pro Football Talk, the great Mike Florio, noted that the paths the teams’ planes took to Munich are similar in mileage and time.

It is 8,503 kilometers (5,283 miles) from Seattle and 8,040 kilometers (4,995 miles) from Tampa.

The direct flight time to Munich is only 30 minutes longer; eight hours and 55 minutes from Tampa and nine hours and 25 minutes from Seattle.

Bowles thinks he knows the trick for the Bucs.

“It’s sleep, you have to rest,” Bowles said yesterday from the Bayern FC campus where the Bucs practiced. “We’re all pros here — it wouldn’t be any different than flying to the West Coast if we had to play in Seattle.

“That’s a long flight in itself, too. We understand that – waiting more than two days helps us sleep and [get] mentally focused We should be fine.”

Bowles also believed the key was to keep the same schedule in Munich as the Bucs in Tampa. The Bucs typically start practice late in the morning. Practices started yesterday at 3:30 PM Munich time or 9:30 AM Tampa time.

The local practice time of 3.30pm also coincides with Sunday’s start time.


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