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Travel is finally back and the industry is recovering quickly after being forced to close due to government restrictions. However, many aspects of the travel landscape have changed in recent years, with new trends and ways of traveling emerging.

These are the top travel trends that will change the way we travel in 2023 and beyond, according to the results of a survey by booking engine

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During the pandemic, many people have re-evaluated and prioritized what is important to them in life, and that includes travel.

While most of the world was accessible due to government restrictions in 2020 and 2021, this year has finally seen a real resurgence in travel as more countries around the world drop all COVID-related travel restrictions. surveyed more than 24,000 travelers, identifying the following trends for 2023 as travel continues to be reimagined.

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1. Off-grid travel

It’s no surprise that off-the-grid experiences are one of the top trends for 2023. Many travelers are ready to disconnect from the constant distraction of their devices and get back to nature.

Almost 60% of travelers surveyed are looking for vacations that allow them to escape reality and completely disconnect. A similar number responded that they are even interested in learning survival skills on their off-grid vacations, such as building a fire or foraging for food.

Camping will continue to grow in popularity, along with guided eco tours and luxury ‘glamping’ experiences.

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2. Cultural Experiences

More travelers than ever are ready to experience new cultures and experiences on their 2023 travels.

Instead of lounging at an all-inclusive resort, nearly three-quarters of U.S. travelers want to step out of their comfort zone on their next trip, with many saying they want to experience new cultures, food and languages ​​and travel to underrated destinations around the world .

Next year will be a good time to explore off the beaten track destinations around the world with booming tourism industries.

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3. Nostalgic trips

Of the 24,000 travelers surveyed, 90% said they were interested in nostalgic getaways, making this one of the top travel trends of 2023.

What are nostalgia trips like? More than 60% of travelers are interested in visiting theme parks like Disney World, whose rapidly growing demographic of adult fans love to visit the parks of their childhood memories (or start a new tradition as adults).

More than half of travelers are also interested in “family reunion” trips and multi-generational trips, which is not surprising given the importance of spending time with family after many have been apart for so long.

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4. Wellness retreats

Wellness travel is a niche within the industry that is experiencing explosive growth.

Nearly half of travelers are interested in mindfulness and meditation-focused getaways next year, while others are interested in retreats focused on health or spirituality.

Wellness getaways that repair the mind, body and spirit are one of the biggest trends for 2023 and beyond. Instead of coming back from a vacation feeling drained and exhausted from trying to do as much as possible, wellness getaways allow you to come home feeling renewed.

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5. Trips from the free list

Finally, travelers are ready to splurge on their bucket list trips in 2023. Many people have realized that life is too short to put off those dream destinations “someday” and are ready to make their travel dreams come true now.

Almost half of travelers admitted that they are willing to spend more to maximize their vacation and ensure that every experience is worthwhile.

But they’re doing it the smart way: two-thirds of travelers said they’ll focus on travel hacking, deals and timing to get the most out of it, while even more said budget is an important consideration. when planning trips.

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