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When you have a feline family member, traveling can be a challenge. If you take them with you, how do you make it easy for both of you? If you leave them at home, how can you keep them happy and healthy?

Here are a variety of gifts to make cats – and their owners – purr with joy.

Away The Pet Carrier

Transport your cat in style in this attractive pet carrier from travel experts Away. As stylish as it is functional, it features sherpa bedding for kitty comfort and mesh panels on three sides for ventilation. It has a water-resistant lining in case of accidents and easy access via top zip and side openings. Available in colors to match your own Away luggage, it has a cover to attach it to your suitcase, as well as fasteners to fasten it to your car’s seat belt. It meets FAA carry-on requirements, is certified by the Center for Companion Animal Safety, and has furry flyer approval. Price: $225

Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too Smart automatic self-cleaning litter box

With Alexa and Google technology, UV sterilization and triple safety protection, this shiny (and seriously beautiful) litter box is the first of its kind and truly a game changer for cat owners. Not only does it eliminate odors and the need to pick up, but it is very quiet and can be controlled from anywhere thanks to its simple application. It also lets you know your cat’s weight so you can easily monitor its health. It cleans up quickly, with no spillage, and for a single cat, the litter box can last nearly two weeks without needing to be changed. With all the dirty work taken care of, watch how quickly your friends volunteer to babysit your kitty while you’re away. Price: $599.99

PLAY Arty Cat Scratcher

If you’re traveling with your cat, throw this innovative scratcher in the trunk. It will not take up much space in a hotel room or your family or friend’s guest room and will definitely save their furniture. Super durable, it’s designed for the fiercest scratchers and offers a variety of surfaces and angles for them to access. In fact, since it can be separated into two pieces, you can place them in different areas to keep your kitties constantly occupied. It even doubles as a lounger so they can relax in style. Price: $79

Cat Amazing MEGA Cat Treat Puzzle Box

While you’re away, cats will play with this fun and stimulating puzzle box. Vet recommended, it will distract and keep them entertained while they search for treats. If they’re traveling with you, it’s also easy enough to take the car on a road trip to make a hotel room less stressful for them. Busy cats are much less likely to get into trouble. Price: $34.95

Tiger’s smallest cotton rope cat bed

A confident cat is a non-destructive cat and this cozy bed will be reassuring to them even in unfamiliar environments. They’ll love it at home, where they can snuggle up in just the right space, and they’ll be comforting when they’re away, or to soothe their separation anxiety when these far. Made to withstand scratches, it comes in five great colors to match any decor. Price: $24.99

Best Friends Catnip Cat Toy Wine Bottle

While you’re out on the town enjoying a drink or two, treat your furry best friend to a version of their own. This Purrsecco Catnip toy is a conversation piece for humans and a treat for cats. Made of durable fleece and light enough to take anywhere, it’s filled with catnip (and stuffed with cotton) to relax your kitties by stimulating chemicals in the brain related to happiness. It’s like your own night on the town. Plus, all purchases benefit Best Friends Animal Society. Price: $9.00

Tiger’s smallest and most eco-friendly wool felt spiral cat toys

Furry kids love toys too, and these bouncy spirals will keep them entertained at home or on the go. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, they are made from 100% pure wool and azo-free dyes for hours of fun. The toys are ethically handmade in Nepal and a portion of sales is donated to The Snow Leopard Trust to protect endangered big cats who can be role models for your own little ones. Price: $10

Me and Love and You Meow and Zen Hearties

Ideal for nervous feline travelers (and what isn’t?), these soothing treats are grain-free and contain no artificial fillers. What they do contain are omega 3 and 6 oils for healthy skin and fur, prebiotics and probiotics for a healthy gut, real chicken raised on small-scale sustainable US farms, and botanicals like chamomile, passionflower, and lavender to help to reduce anxiety and stress. . They’re so good, they’ll make the whole travel experience more enjoyable for food-motivated cats (and what aren’t?). Price: $5.99

Ageless Innovation Joy for all companion pets

These lifelike companion pets are meant to provide comfort and companionship to seniors, but they can do the same for you if you have to leave your furry family member at home while you travel. Just as soft and cuddly as real cats, these companion pets respond to petting, hugging and movement and even use lifelike VibraPurr technology to make sounds you recognize and love. Available in silver and creamy white, orange tabby and black and white tuxedo, the companion pets are so realistic they might make your own cat jealous. Price: $124.99


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