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GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – Looking to get away? 2022 is a good year for travel agents, with 40% of travelers spending more on travel this year than before the pandemic. And over the next decade the Department of Labor also estimates a 20% increase in the travel agency industry.

Benjamin Robertson is still on a high after his trip to the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados for his 60th birthday with 20 guests.

“We made it possible,” he said. “It was a big milestone – from the flight to the accommodation, I wanted everyone to be satisfied. I wanted everyone to be happy.”

Robertson travels three to four times a year internationally and recently traveled to Mexico. Decades of memories, like a nightmare trip you’d rather forget.

“I spent about $1,500 extra because I didn’t use a travel agent,” he said.

It was a lesson with a steep price, which is why Robertson says he’ll never book a trip without an agent’s expertise.

“It’s crazy these days not to use a travel agent for your travel needs,” he said.

Debra Metcalf is the co-owner of Travel Agents International, an agency specializing in international travel. Each agent has over 30 years of experience.

“It’s definitely a process,” Metcalf said.

A recent study by the American Society of Travel Advisors found that 48% of people say they are more comfortable with an agent’s experience and 38% are concerned about the hassle of international travel.

“Who are you going to call?” Metcalf said.

She joins a group of travel agents who say that the COVID restrictions, now relaxed in most countries, have changed the future of travel forever.

“Every day, a country can come out with a new rule,” he said.

Now travelers not only have to worry about what to pack, but also what to prepare. Items such as e-visas and COVID insurance may be part of the process depending on where you plan to travel.

“Yes, our agent alerted everyone who went by email and text daily of any changes,” Robertson said. “Travel Agents International works with you from the moment you walk through their door until you return home with your bags.”


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