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PORTLAND Ore. (KPTV) – If you’re planning to fly for the holidays this year and wondering whether to wait to finalize those plans, experts said no. If you haven’t set your Thanksgiving travel plans yet, experts said you may be missing out on a chance to score a deal, but they said this year’s travel forecast isn’t all bad news.

Flying on vacation: Some people we spoke to said they couldn’t wait for their next trips.

“Going to Mexico tomorrow and going to San Francisco for Thanksgiving,” said Ron McDowell, a commuter.

While others said they are still looking for that vacation flight for the right price.

“It’s ridiculously high,” said Kiarash Karegar, a commuter.

Travel experts said most people book Thanksgiving trips a month or two out, which is exactly what McDowell did.

“Like a month in advance, and for the trip to Mexico it was probably two months,” McDowell said.

According to recent data from AAA, if you haven’t reserved for Thanksgiving yet, there’s still time. Booking now, just within the one-month window closer to the holidays, can help you find better deals on airfare. The compensation for not booking earlier? Inventory may be limited. But if you plan to travel, they said don’t wait until Thanksgiving week because the average ticket price is going up again.

Some people we spoke to said they prefer to stay away from airports completely during the holidays.

“I’m avoiding it because I can’t stand the nightmare you go through with the TSA. It’s out of control,” said Robert Davies.

Local travel agency Journeys Around the World told FOX 12 they’ve seen airfare double on international business class flights this holiday season. And he said some of his customers are booking through spring break.

But travelers planning to fly this holiday said that, hassle and price aside, it will be worth it.

“I get to go and experience 85-degree weather,” McDowell said.

The travel agent shared some tips to make your flying experience a little smoother this holiday season: Consider getting TSA pre-checked, have your vaccination records handy, and said a little patience goes a long way way


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