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(CNN) – The longest passenger train in history was launched in Switzerland, a century-old tunnel opened under Niagara Falls, a new cheese was crowned the best in the world, and a Harrison Ford bread sculpture has mouths watering in California.

Here’s what happened in this week’s travel news.

Trains and tunnels

It’s been a great few months for infrastructure fans.

A record-breaking new two-kilometre-long passenger train has just traveled Switzerland’s glorious Albula Line, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, for the first time. And a huge tunnel buried for more than a century under the thundering waters of Niagara Falls is finally open to visitors.
Denmark and Germany are busy building the world’s longest submerged tunnel, 40 meters (131 feet) under the Baltic Sea. And a new subway extension means commuters are about to have an easier route in and out of Washington, DC.

Oh baby, it’s a wild world out there

A 2021 YouGov poll found that 8% of Americans thought they could beat a lion in an unarmed fight, while 15% thought they could beat a king cobra.
Those brave souls could have been wiped out in Sydney this week when five lions escaped from a zoo, thankfully without harming animals or humans. And while cobras are shy, non-hostile creatures, would-be fighters would do well to bookmark our tips on how to survive a cobra bite.
Vigilance is often more important than aggression when it comes to meeting the challenges of the great outdoors: An injured and missing hiker was rescued in Colorado last month when an eagle-eyed train passenger spotted her from a train car window.

The cheese is alone

A Swiss cheese was named the best in the world by an international jury at the World Cheese Awards on Wednesday. And no, it’s not Swiss cheese with holes, this is artisanal Gruy√®re.
And if you thought there was no way to make ’80s Harrison Ford more delicious, how about making it entirely out of bread? A California bakery created a “Pan Solo” sculpture for a local contest. Incredibly, it’s life-sized (or bread-sized, if you prefer).
Of course, the best way to serve a carb-based Han Solo to guests is to dunk it in olive oil. But before you send out those dinner party invitations, you need to know the right way to savor the delicious runny fat. In this clip from “Searching for Italy,” Stanley Tucci learns how.

Travel tips

Ultra-minimalist packer Brooke Schoenman has figured out how to travel the world with just a small shoulder bag as luggage. Here are some tips from this luggage queen.
These days, however, many of us are finding that it’s our wallets, not our purses, that are thinner than we’d like. Here are eight cost-saving tips to help travelers get through these tough economic times.

‘Last Paradise on Earth’

Home to more than 1,600 species of fish and about 75% of the world’s known coral species, Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago is credited with having the richest marine biodiversity on the planet. That is why it is known as the “last paradise on Earth”.

In case you missed it

Brits love fireworks and bonfires on November 5th.

Here are the macabre origins of the fall festivities on Guy Fawkes Night.

Japan’s most popular new theme park has no rides.

At Ghibli Park, guests are invited to “feel the wind”.

It was his first night in Lima and his first night working at the backpackers’ hostel.

Collisions between planes and birds are so common they have a word for the goo left behind: Snarge.

Now a robotic peregrine falcon is on a mission to end the scourge. Here’s how.

Sleep better on a long flight

My neck, my back, the long haul takes it out on them. Trying to get a decent rest while in a pressurized tube for hours on end is never easy, but there are plenty of accessories, from travel pillows to noise-canceling headphones, that can make the journey less difficult.


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