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Travelers are warned of violent attacks.

Canada is warning travelers about the risk of terrorism in multiple popular vacation destinations in Europe.

On Tuesday (October 4), the Canadian government updated and issued safety warnings for numerous counties, including popular European tourist destinations such as France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

In the UK, travelers are warned about incidents that have resulted in casualties. They include “random violent incidents in public areas, such as knife and vehicle attacks, as well as explosions,” according to the warning.

Although the majority of violent incidents occurred in London, other attacks took place outside the city.

In France, Canadian travelers are told that “several opportunistic and premeditated attacks have occurred” over the past few years, resulting in many casualties and injuries.

“Further attacks are likely,” the warning said.

France’s “Operation Sentinelle” deploys military brigades in public places to patrol and deter terrorist acts. Visitors should expect an increased military presence in public places, including popular tourist spots and transportation hubs.

In Belgium, the government notes that “separate attacks have occurred that have caused multiple deaths and injuries” and further attacks cannot be ruled out.

In addition to France, Belgium and the United Kingdom, the United States issued travel warnings for Italy and Spain due to the threat of terrorism.

So far, the Canadian government has not updated its travel advice for Italy or Spain but stresses that “there is a threat of terrorism in Europe” and “terrorists have carried out attacks in several European cities”.

The travel warning for Canada includes the threat of terrorism in numerous countries

The Canadian government advises that terrorism targets often include government schools, places of worship, airports, trains, tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping malls.

Travelers should always be aware of their surroundings when in public places. Be especially attentive if you attend:

  • sporting events
  • religious festivals
  • public celebrations
  • important political events, such as elections

The warning notes that terrorists may use these opportunities to launch attacks.

Recently, Canada updated its travel advisory for India due to the threat of terrorist attacks across the country.

Canada is also advising travelers to exercise a high degree of caution in several popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, but for a host of other reasons, including everything from drinking to political tensions to petty crime.

The government is also advising travelers to exercise a high degree of caution in Mexico due to increased criminal activity and kidnapping.

Travelers to coveted sun destinations such as the Bahamas and Costa Rica are also advised to exercise a high degree of caution due to crime.


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