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Marcia Tippit’s graduate art exhibition, “Nomadic Voyages,” will be on display at the Dord Fitz Formal Gallery from November 3-3. 30, 2022. Tippit is currently pursuing his Master of Fine Arts at West Texas A&M University.

Tippit spoke about his artistic origins and how this became studio art. After a course of events, painting became the doors that opened his stage as a studio artist.

“I grew up with a very artistic mother,” Tippit said. “First I was in the theater and I started mainly as a dancer. I think dance and abstract art have a lot in common. I started painting because I had torn my knee. And I couldn’t dance. So that’s when I started painting many years ago. I’ve always made art. I don’t plan my work. It’s spontaneous. I layer until I know it’s done.”

Tippit also explained the process behind his paintings. She starts with spontaneity and allows her art to grow from there.

“I start with the mess,” Tippit said. “I always start with the mess; I always create a mess in the background. Sometimes the uglier it is, the more excited I am. Sometimes they turned out to be my favorites.”

Accept what you’ve done and know it has value.”

– Marcia Tippit

Tippit also gave advice to younger artists during the interview, letting them know that they too can be inspired.

“Trust your gut,” Tippit said. “Not everyone is going to like your work, and that’s okay. And you’re not going to like some of the work that other people love. Accept what you’ve done and know that it has value.”

Suppose you would like to see the art exhibition. In that case, Dord Fitz Formal Gallery hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and Friday and Saturday by appointment. Please send an email [email protected] for appointment information.

Additionally, Tippit’s art pieces are available for purchase. Contact Tippit at [email protected] for purchase information.


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