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Ahmedabad, November 6: Tarun Acharya, a young man interested in stocks, startups and standup shows, narrated a horrific experience he faced in his own state of Gujarat after he traveled from Kolkata in the early hours of November 5. The attitude of the police devastated him, and in a series of tweets he brought the incident to the attention of Internet users. He urged the media to highlight the incident and maintain the spirit of Gujarat by taking action against the police officers who, he says, are tarnishing the name of Gujarat by troubling tourists from various parts of the world and the country.

This article has been published in the interest of the public and for all those travelers to Gujarat who may face similar problems after landing late at night or early. This is also to inform night travelers to Gujarat what kind of content they should carry on their mobile phones especially apps for their own safety.

Here are the full details of Tarun Acharya’s tweet:

“It’s 4:00 AM right now and I just returned to Ahmedabad from Kolkata after having a wonderful and memorable trip with my friends. However, the joy was short-lived when I was stopped by a PCR van near Shyamal Cross Roads.

First I was asked if my bags had been searched by the police at previous stops, to which I said no because I hadn’t! Most of us know what they look for when you go out at night. It has to be liquor, always.

It’s their duty and I don’t mind being checked or cooperating when it comes to following the rules. However, in this case, I told them that I am not carrying anything because I am coming from a domestic trip and I know the rules.

And if you’ve gone through this process, you also know the way they check in your luggage. I showed them one of the bags and was going to show them the others, but they were probably in such a hurry to find a bakra that they didn’t even let me close the first bag and started checking other bags. own They didn’t even ask me to open their bags. They started searching every nook and cranny of the bags as if I were a criminal. I was still fine with this until now, but everything took a U-turn when the superior officer

entered the scene. He found two books in my bags and photocopies of some technical analysis web articles that I’ve been trying to get for some time. They asked me so many questions about the books as if carrying them was a crime.

At one point he even asked me if I was selling pirated books or what! Well, these books were bought from a very popular bookstore in Calcutta so they were not illegal at all. I was already tired after a hectic journey and felt very sleepy but

He had a bigger duty to fulfill and that was to answer some random questions asked by a nasty officer who was trying to create a crime scene out of nothing. After all the mental harassment, it was time to check my phone. Yes, he took my phone away. I checked all apps including my WhatsApp and read some personal messages. When he found out that I am also actively trading stocks and found out that I have an app that allows me to do paper trading to test my strategies, he tried to make a scene out of it.

He told me that it is illegal to have these apps and that there may be a case against me for having them on my phone. Also tried to open my Zerodha app but thankfully it was locked. He also tried to connect the dots between as a young businessman with interest

in the literature can also actively manage to learn technical analysis and do trading? Meanwhile he saw Paypal and said it is illegal in India. Again we had a brief discussion about why I need the app and how it is approved by RBI.

He finally shared some wisdom on why charts don’t work in trading and how crude went up one day and down the next. After all the arguments with, of course, insults in each and every statement throughout the conversation,

Finally, he complied by saying, “I’ll let you go, but be careful next time!” I didn’t want to argue because I was super sleepy and tired, so I left the scene thanking him. But after this, I was disturbed and for the rest of the trip

I kept thinking, “What should I be careful about next time?” 1. To take books? 2. To trade on the stock market? 3. For carrying my study material during my travels? 4. For having multiple interests when doing business? Or

5. For being a gentleman and not carrying liquor while traveling to Ahmedabad and not giving these officers a chance to earn money? How would you justify this incident if you were me?

I’m a local resident and I know the rules, but what impression would this leave on a visitor/tourist’s mind if their bags and phones were searched like a criminal in the middle of the night on the side of the road? “

Arguing that it is a case of mental harassment and violation of citizens’ rights, Tarun Acharya has decided to request the authorities to teach policemen manners and professionalism so that no one else has to go through such a traumatic experience.

He exposed the incident so that the common people know how the police sometimes act like mobsters and harass innocent citizens, hoping that no one has to go through what he went through.

DCP Traffic ensures action against errant policemen

Meanwhile, Ahmedabad DCP Traffic Safin Hasan responded to Tarun Acharya’s post. Expressing his concern about the alleged harassment, he collected all the details of the incident. Safin Hasan also assured Tarun of appropriate action against the erring police personnel.


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