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On July 11, 2022, the Court of Appeal confirmed that the English Court has jurisdiction over Nokia’s claims and there is no need to grant FRAND terms. Oppo has made two applications (which are essentially the same forum conveniens question) in an effort to ensure that the conflict will be resolved through the international organization he led in Chongqing.

The UK High Court has now refused to grant Oppo’s appeal against the Court of Appeal’s decision, bringing the true FRAND law saga to an end. In the UK Supreme Court’s decision in Unwired/Conversant the door is open to raising the forum’s issues in FRAND disputes for further consideration, but according to the UK Supreme Court this appeal is not addressed legal debate.

This somewhat contradictory position is not unexpected though. For the UK Supreme Court to accept an appeal, there must be an element of law in the matter and it must be substantial (a good decision). In this case, the ‘big picture’ has changed since Unwired/Conversant if:

i) Brexit (meaning of the law in Owusu is no longer claimed, which prevents the English Court from reducing the judgment to the English defendants forum is not easy in the ground), and

ii) the courts of the PRC have confirmed their jurisdiction over international FRAND disputes.

However, these have not been able to determine the law, but the facts (they may have asked to change the balance of goods, but the courts have decided them). Other factors, including a claim deemed controversial regarding UK patents, have not changed.

In that case, the question of forum conveniens in FRAND the document is technically still open as it was before; this is just a reminder that it is only (possible) to open the stone. The real question is whether there is a law (not fact) that has the ability to replace the calculator – if and when that point is raised, we will see the problem again after thinking again.

GRANT TO APPEAL WILL BE REFUSED because the petition does not raise a legal dispute.…


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