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'My pancreas ate itself': UK man admitted to hospital after drinking 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes

The man’s blood tests showed he had prediabetes

A 36-year-old UK gamer was admitted to hospital after allegedly drinking 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes to impress his co-workers. A YouTube clip appeared online again, in which Dr. Bernard Hsu says: “A man drank 12 energy drinks in 10 minutes. This is what happened to his organs.”

Hsu is a clinical pharmacist who also runs Chubby’s YouTube channel. He has over 2.68 million subscribers and frequently uploads educational medical videos that are occasionally true stories that he or his colleagues have seen or heard about.

In the old video, the doctor was talking about the patient in question, “JS.” He was admitted to the emergency room and complained of ‘piercing abdominal pain.’ In the replay video, Dr. Hsu portrayed the man as a chubby 36-year-old man who is obsessed with Pokemon video games and has lifelong social problems.

Watch the video here:

In the video, Dr. Hsu said that after consuming energy drinks, JS complained of heart palpitations and back pain. Hsu stated, “Immediately after consuming all 12 energy drinks, JS did not feel well.” To avoid the pain in his back, he decided to drink the liquor, but ended up throwing up in the kitchen sink.

After a while he decided to play some video games. Further in the video, the doctor said that the actor had not been able to eat or drink anything for several hours and was delaying seeking medical help. The result of negligence was the development of acute pancreatitis.

Doctors at the hospital revealed that JS’s pancreas had started to ‘digest’. His body was struggling to hold on to the excess sugar and caffeine from the 12 cans. Hsu said JS’s pancreas swelled with fluid shortly after his liver and kidneys began to shut down.

The doctors at the hospital started treatment and JS also threw up on the nurse’s shoes. He was given IV fluids and antibiotics.

The man’s blood tests showed he had prediabetes. Hsu told his viewers, “Most people know that energy drinks can be dangerous if consumed in large quantities.”

He added: “If you have it occasionally and you’re young and healthy, it’s probably not a big deal. But if you start smoking cans back to back, then bad things are likely to happen.”

The video has garnered over 6.5 million views and was posted in September 2021.

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