Undersecretary Donfried’s trips to Ukraine | Tech US News


The Undersecretary for European and Eurasian Affairs, Dr. Karen Donfried, will visit Ukraine on November 1-2. The focus of his trip is to underscore America’s unwavering and enduring support for Ukraine as it defends its freedom and territorial integrity in the face of Russia’s brutal war.

While there, Dr. Donfried will meet with members of Ukraine’s presidential administration, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other members of President Zelenskyy’s cabinet to discuss our ongoing efforts to provide security assistance and energy support and assist efforts of reform and reconstruction of Ukraine. In addition, you will hear from Ukrainian civil society leaders about how we and our partners can continue to help the Ukrainian people achieve their aspirations and unlock their country’s potential. He will also meet with members of the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, whose service under extraordinary circumstances exemplifies the best traditions of the U.S. Foreign Service.


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