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I was already using Osram H4 bulbs but they were not enough for driving in the rain. So I opted for a cost-effective yet effective solution.

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Upgrade lights

As many will know the stock headlights of the Thar or for that matter the new Thar are pathetic. A few months ago I upgraded the headlights to 100/90 rated Osram H4 bulbs using a relay. Throw was good in city driving and there was a lot of improvement on the highway too.

However, during the rains, the lights were still not enough to meet the requirement. And after much deliberation, I decided to find a cheap yet effective solution.

Bought a pair of Halo fog lights (Hella-300-F) from Amazon, 55W rated Bosch H3 bulbs to be fitted. These lights are to be supported by a pair of 3000 Kelvin amber colored spotlights.

Hella lights were placed on the front bumpers and spotlights were placed on the fenders. Wiring was routed through the bonnet and entered the cabin using the same route as the windshield lights. Both new additions are switched on by a switch placed next to the headlight leveler switch.

The entire setup cost around Rs. 2500 with fitting and all, the result is quite satisfactory although a long highway run test is still pending. However, if more light is needed I still have the option of replacing the 55W bulb with a 100/90 bulb.

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