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AARP’s annual travel trends survey found that 67 percent of adults over 50 planned to take at least one trip in 2022.

As many retirees know well, a newly clear calendar gives plenty of room to check off bucket list items and other long-running adventures. Older adults are no exception and can also stay physically and mentally active while exploring their dream destinations.

AARP’s annual travel trends survey found that 67 percent of adults 50 and older planned to take at least one trip in 2022, up 13 percent from 54 percent last year.

Whether you’re taking a short trip or traveling thousands of miles, anyone can follow these tips for a smooth and successful getaway, and always remember to make backup plans just in case.

before you go

Take advantage of the flexibility of your schedule by booking deals on off-season tourism. Not only will you find discounted fares across the travel industry, but you’ll also be able to avoid the crowds. Keep in mind that the off season is “off” for some reason, and you may have unpredictable weather or other things.

Consider your destination’s seasonal weather when packing and keep an activity or two in your back pocket, just in case Mother Nature wreaks havoc on your plans. Additionally, some sites may have limited hours or be closed outside of the peak travel season.

On your way

If you’re flying, skip the long security line by checking in with TSA Precheck for domestic flights or Global Entry for international flights. In addition to speeding up your queuing experience, you won’t have to remove your shoes or light jacket, or separate laptops or liquids in your carry-on.

Be sure to secure pre-verification or global entry well in advance of your travel date, as you will need to apply and schedule an in-person interview before becoming a member.

More useful tips

If you are traveling abroad, make sure your vaccinations are up to date. In some cases, you may need to do this six weeks before you leave. Check with your doctor about your plans to find out what is recommended. If you are taking medication, talk about timing if you are crossing new time zones and other possible concerns. HealthinAging is a good resource for more tips like this.


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