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There’s not much out of the ordinary with Pitt’s travel list, Virginia edition, but there are still a few takeaways.

As Pat Narduzzi said earlier this week, the trio of Sam Vander Haar, Cam Guess and Caleb Junko made the trip to Virginia. Narduzzi said Junko would make his first varsity start, but it wouldn’t be a shock if all three saw the field again this week.

Vander Haar is the only scholarship player on the roster, so he should be expected to see the field if Junko struggles. Guess is the starter on Ben Sauls kicks, so he had to make the trip as well.

Dayon Hayes didn’t make the trip to Charlottesville, Va., but that’s not a surprise given his recent legal situation. That situation remains one to move forward as your status updates.

Gabe Houy also didn’t make the trip to Virginia, after he made his first start of the season last week against Syracuse and seemingly reached that threshold to retain his starting status. It’s a chance for Branson Taylor to cement himself as the starting tackle, but also for Ryan Baer to see his first college action this week.

After all, Baer has four games to go and still retains his redshirt status. Virginia could be a chance.

True freshmen joining Baer at Virginia include Ryland Gandy, Samuel Okunlola, Kyle Louis and the aforementioned Vander Haar.


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