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DeeperBlue.com had the pleasure of meeting with Volleyball this year’s team DEMA show in Orlando, Florida to discover what their family-friendly Fiji beach resort has to offer for divers, photographers and water adventurers.

Its beach resort offers more than 80 dive sites, with three house reefs where guests have access to unlimited diving accompanied by their 24-hour lifeguard. Volleyball has five active dive boats, ranging from 4-person private boats to 16-person charters. They are currently building a sixth vessel and are already booking voyages for 2023.

One of the main highlights for photographers is that they added a 14-person underwater camera station, with 14 air guns, 56 charging ports, 28 USB chargers and more. In addition, they also added an air-conditioned press conference center. This is perfect for group trips with photographers and/or photography students on board your Fiji adventure.

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