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It was good news for Canadian travelers on Saturday, as the federal government lifted all COVID-19 restrictions at its borders making it much easier for those arriving in the country.

Travelers entering Canada no longer have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19, the use of a mask is optional on planes and trains, there are no more mandatory random tests, and there is no need to isolate those who are not vaccinated.

Those entering the country also won’t have to fill out the ArriveCan application, which has caused headaches for travelers.

Shannon Konihowski, senior travel advisor for Marlin Travel here in Moose Jaw, says this news has been a long time coming and travel has been disrupted for the past two years due to COVID-19.

“We’re really excited because it takes that fear element out of travel for people,” says Konihowski. “Nobody’s doubting it now because it doesn’t seem like all this extra stuff they have to do can go one way or the other, that’s taken out of the mix.”

While this is good news for travelers, it does remind those looking to book a trip this fall or winter that only Canada’s border restrictions have been lifted, and many other countries are still enforcing their own rules.

For example, all non-US air, land and sea travelers entering the United States must be fully vaccinated and present proof of vaccination.

“People still need to know where they are traveling and what the requirements are for those countries. We got a lot of calls with this announcement last week, a lot of people asking about cross-border with the US.

In the end, it’s still good news for travel, as residents can finally book those vacations or getaways they’ve been planning since before the pandemic.

“People have been waiting for this to happen, to be able to do this. People have paused bookings because they don’t want to deal with that extra hassle. We’re seeing an influx of people who are excited and wanting to confirm and know that they’re going to go unrestricted.”

Konihowski points out that some of the most popular getaways booked by travelers are tropical destinations in the Dominican Republic, Mexico and the Caribbean. Also, Moose Jaw snowbirds that have been hooked over the past two years are starting to book their trip to the southern United States.

Those wishing to learn more about current Canadian travel requirements can ask their travel advisor or click the link HERE.


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