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WeTravel, a booking and payment platform within the travel industry, has launched a new travel business loan program to help travel advisors and other small businesses in the industry with WeTravel Growth Capital.

WeTravel Growth Capital offers a variety of financing options, from credit advances to lines of credit for those who meet the minimum requirements. A travel business must qualify with an average of $10,000 in monthly revenue, have been in business for more than six months, and have a minimum credit score of 550.


The application should take about 15 minutes, after which a financing advisor reviews the loan offers with the applicant. Capital can be received within 24 hours via direct deposit.

“It has been a difficult season for the travel sector, especially for small businesses and local operators. As we enter a new season, WeTravel is providing additional support to help travel businesses recover and increase profitability with access to the cash they need,” said Zaky Prabowo, chief operating officer and co-founder of WeTravel. “As an offering Separate but complementary to our platform, Growth Capital’s offering aligns with our company’s founding mission of providing opportunities for any travel company to successfully operate a business with the assistance of travel-specific technology.”

More than 65 percent of WeTravel’s users are small and medium-sized businesses, which are the most vulnerable to changes in the industry and the wider economy.

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