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Traveling is a hobby for some people, a passion for others and a chore for some. But everyone travels. Unless you are physically disabled, you must travel at some point in your life.

Do you remember your behavior on the trip? Were you happy, anxious, bored, or just plain indifferent? How you act on a trip has everything to do with your personality. People experience travel in different ways. Some enjoy it and some loathe it. Some carefully plan their trips, while others just pack and go. Your travel style directly influences how often you travel and your favorite destinations.

We are here with a bunch of travel personality types for you to check out. Read on to find out whether you’re a spontaneous traveler or a meticulous planner.

1. Spontaneous traveler

Spontaneous traveler

Spontaneous travelers are like rafts in a stormy sea; they go where the waves take them. If you are such a person, you despise making plans and limiting yourself with time limits. You are often late and always on the go. You have trouble settling down in any setting, whether it’s work, friendships, or relationships, and you’re always on the lookout for something new. You don’t think too much about things and only show up if you feel like doing something.

2. Neurotic overthinker

Neurotic overthinker

Do you love to travel but can’t stop worrying? This is a common travel personality type and is found in many people. If you identify as a neurotic overthinker, make backup plans for backup plans. You worry about being eaten by a wild animal or getting caught in a landslide. You worry about losing your passport and never coming home. You even worry that you will be locked in your room and no one will ever find you. While you love to travel, sometimes your overthinking can interfere with your enjoyment. The best way to travel for this type of person is as a couple or in a group so that they can relax.

3. Meticulous planner

Meticulous planner

There is a difference between the overthinker and the planner. The former worries too much, while the latter loves to organize. If you are a meticulous planner, you like to make lists, organize your desk, and make itineraries and follow them wholeheartedly. Some may argue that planning takes the fun out of traveling, but that’s not entirely true. If you’re a planner, it doesn’t mean you don’t value fun; it means you value time more and like to make plans in advance. This rule applies to your work and relationships as well.

4. Relaxed introvert

Relaxed introvert

Prefer to travel alone and avoid the bustling tourist destinations? Chances are you’re a typical introvert. You like to enjoy nature, take long walks alone and simply enjoy the serenity of beautiful places. You’re not antisocial or nervous around other people, but you’re just too comfortable in your own skin to have fun by yourself. You have a relaxed personality and remain carefree. But he also often suffers from episodes of low confidence. You are creative, empathetic and take time to open up to people.

5. Free-spirited extrovert

Free spirited extrovert

If you deliberately choose to travel in groups or book a hostel instead of a single room, you’re an extrovert. You like meeting new people and making friends. You have an engaging personality, full of warmth and humor, which puts everyone at ease. You like to mingle at parties and seek attention. You also have great leadership skills at work and often enjoy the company of like-minded people. While traveling, you do things on the go and can’t stand not talking to the locals.

6. Emotion seeker

Emotion seeker

Thrill seekers travel just to feel alive. They love to explore and take risks. Their first priority is pleasure. Therefore, historical sites or religious sites are often a no-go for people who find them boring. If you’re also a thrill seeker, chances are you’ll choose your travel destinations based on how much fun you’ll have there. You are outgoing and love to be active. Your dream goals include skydiving, bungee jumping and rafting.

7. Lover of culture

Lover of culture

Culture lovers travel out of fascination for other cultures. The first place you visit during a trip is probably a museum or historical site rather than the beach. You like to explore places in depth rather than just visit the main attractions and go home. You like to talk to the locals, enjoy the local cuisine and walk the lesser-known streets. You are very imaginative, socially aware and like to think about abstract concepts.

Have you identified your travel personality with this personality test? Tell us more in the comments.

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