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NOKIA and OPPO are popular smartphone brands in the global market. But now, there is great tension between these two names. Here’s what you need to know.

NOKIA, the Japanese brand led by HMD Global has recently scored a patent fine victory over the OPPO brand in the UK. This news reached after NOKIA pushed OPPO out of the German market. The name NOKIA has scored two lawsuits against OPPO. So, in the context of this news, the UK High Court gave NOKIA its victory over OPPO. Manufacturers in China tried to infringe NOKIA patent. And now unfortunately OPPO has been banned from the UK market as well. The OPPO brand will appeal in the UK courts in the future.

Recently, NOKIA sued OPPO for violating its SEPS covering 4G and 5G. This has led to the withdrawal of the OPPO brand from the German market. NOKIA may be behind OPPO in other markets such as Australian market as well as international market.

NOKIA and OPPO have a multi-year patent deal in 2018. It expires in 2021. After that, NOKIA filed a patent lawsuit against OPPO. Most of the world is saying that NOKIA is doing the right thing. OPPO should realize what they are doing wrong. Or what would violate the patent is just heartbreaking and should not be practiced.

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