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As the week of Thanksgiving begins, the FOX Forecast Center is tracking a storm system that could create unfavorable travel weather on Black Friday.

Lingering problems remain in western New York, which is digging under more than 6 feet of snow in some areas from a lake-effect blizzard.

Elsewhere later in the week, freezing temperatures and inclement weather could cause flight delays and cancellations, affecting nearly 5 million expected to fly this holiday.

Here’s a look at how weather can affect flights around Thanksgiving and when delays and cancellations might start happening.

Mild weather before Thanksgiving for much of the US

Flight delays and cancellation data from FlightAware.com
(FOX Weather)

Heavy rain was causing some delays across the Southeast on Monday, with more than 1,000 flights delayed, according to FlightAware.com.


The eastern half of Florida experienced steady downpours Monday, causing delays at Orlando International Airport. The rain also caused slight flight delays Monday in Houston, Austin and San Antonio.

For airline travelers taking to the skies on Tuesday and Wednesday, the weather will be mostly cooperative, with mild temperatures in most areas of the US.

Wet and Windy Thanksgiving for Central US

On Thanksgiving and after the holidays, the weather will be more active across the United States

The FOX Forecast Center is tracking a weak system in the Pacific Northwest that is expected to reach the Southwest by Thanksgiving.

The system will move from the Gulf Coast to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, with the potential to cause flight delays over the weekend. There is even some potential for severe weather.

FOX Weather meteorologist Steve Bender says once we get closer to Thursday, short-range forecast models would help confirm how active this system could be.

“We’re just creating that awareness. Whether you’re traveling or your Thanksgiving traditions take you outside, you have to be prepared for some of that rain coming up from the northern Gulf to hit that low pressure system.” Bender said.

Jackson, Mississippi, along Interstate 20 to Shreveport and Tyler, Texas could see widespread rain.


Southeast travelers are likely to see delays due to the Thanksgiving storm in Florida, Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Forecast flight delays and cancellation data for Thursday.
(FOX Weather)

Soggy Black Friday and weekend

Most flight delays and cancellations will occur for those flying home the day after Thanksgiving or any time this weekend.

The same system that brings rain to the Southeast on Thanksgiving will move up the coast, bringing rain to the Appalachian Mountains.

Rain will move up the Interstate 95 corridor to the northeast this weekend.

Forecast flight delays and cancellation data for Friday.
(FOX Weather)

The effect of weather on flights

Remember that bad weather doesn’t necessarily have to be near the airport to cause delayed or canceled flights. The climate in the US USA it can have a ripple effect on airlines. Even airports hundreds of miles away from the nearest snow or storm could be affected.

Some airports are notorious for delays and cancellations during holiday travel and the winter months, including Newark Liberty, Denver and O’Hare International Airports.


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