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When you think of a family vacation, a few things might pop into your mind – a beautiful location, great accommodation options, good deals, and fun things to do. You can get all this and more if you have Club Mahindra membership. Are you wondering if it is worth getting a subscription and why should I get it?

Let us tell you why Club Mahindra membership is the best investment. With this membership, you get access to the following:

100+ opportunity to go on a seven day family holiday every year Resorts India and abroad.

· You get the opportunity to explore a variety of incredible destinations and gain free access to a treasure trove of authentic and unique experiences tailored just for you and your family.

There are different membership plans to suit your family’s specific vacation needs and preferences.

Planning a perfect vacation becomes easy.

Club Mahindra Membership Plans

Drawing from decades of experience in the hospitality industry and continuously developing, learning and improving on feedback and recommendations from customers, Club Mahindra has created a variety of membership plans to meet everyone’s unique needs. are You can choose one of the following membership plans:

Club Mahindra Purple Season Membership

Club Mahindra Red Season Membership

Club Mahindra White Season Membership

Club Mahindra Blue Season Membership

Benefits of Club Mahindra Membership

With Club Mahindra membership, you and your family can enjoy many benefits.

Planning a vacation becomes easy.

When you have Club Mahindra membership, you don’t have to worry about planning hassles. All you need to do is pack your bags and head to your favorite destination. You can be assured of getting the best property and services at various resorts in India. Hosted by Club Mahindra and hosted abroad.

Depending on your membership, you can get your booking at any time of the year, giving you the flexibility to plan a vacation that suits you. You can use all seven days at once or spread them over several holidays throughout the year.

You also have the flexibility to not use the leave in a particular year and carry it over to the next year. In addition, you get help with your bookings, tailor-made itineraries, best places to visit, and a host of in-house activities to keep you busy and entertained throughout your vacation. Is.

Excellent features

Club Mahindra Resorts, and partner resorts have one thing in common – they are amazing. Located on hills, close to beaches, and close to other popular tourist spots, these properties can satisfy your wanderlust! Also, most of these properties are spread over acres of land and have lush green surroundings, making them an ideal place to enjoy a leisurely stroll on those days when you are away. Don’t want to go out.

In addition, almost all properties have plenty of in-house resort activities. From yoga on the lawn to towel origami and from cooking with chefs to painting and pottery workshops, you can be sure to keep yourself busy and entertained all day and every day. can provide

Customized vacations

Another major benefit of Club Mahindra membership is that you can tailor your vacation to your family members’ likes and dislikes. From accommodation to sightseeing options and activities for the kids, you can plan for everything. Club Mahindra members ensure that all your free time is used exactly as you want, and they tailor special activities to suit your family’s needs.

Whether you want to visit museums, theme parks, or go trekking, all your excursions and activities are planned with your specific interests and preferences in mind.

No risk of price fluctuations.

How often do you face a situation when the prices of the property you want to book go up and you are forced to compromise on your stay? However, with Club Mahindra membership, you will never have to face such unpleasant situations.

Once you purchase a membership, you have the flexibility to go on vacation at any time and stay at Club Mahindra Resorts of your choice. There is no risk of price fluctuation or price change.

Also, you get the flexibility of paying for the membership plan through easy EMIs. After all, we believe that investing in a family vacation doesn’t have to be financially stressful.

Overall, Club Mahindra membership is a great investment that helps you create beautiful memories with your family. You can read Club Mahindra reviews to find out what current members think about their membership and then make an informed decision.

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Last updated on November 11, 2022, 4:41 PM IST


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