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Why comfort is key for post-pandemic travelThe survey found that 83% of global travelers would share their immigration information to speed up the airport arrival process. Image: Shutterstock

AAt a time when many are pondering strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of overseas travel, travelers around the world are expressing a strong need for simplicity and convenience when packing. From visa processing to baggage check-in, tomorrow’s getaways need to be hassle-free rather than a headache for travelers.

From mandatory Covid tests and endless forms, to proof of vaccinations and compulsory medical insurance. Not so long ago, traveling was a real headache for anyone who wanted to visit another country. Although some restrictions and procedures for entering certain countries remain in place, these are generally much less numerous and travelers have once again taken to the skies.

However, travelers are still marked by this long period, heavy in restrictions for those hoping to flee. And this experience does not cease to have consequences in the way they contemplate their next projects. Therefore, it seems that the destinations that will succeed in attracting all their visitors will be the ones that facilitate the process. In fact, convenience is the watchword for tomorrow’s travel, according to the extensive survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), based on the responses of more than 10,000 passengers from 222 countries.

First, it is about the process of securing entry into a country. According to the survey, 37% of travelers surveyed admit to being put off by immigration requirements when considering visiting certain destinations. The complexity of the visa process is cited as the main impediment by 65% ​​of passengers. Not surprisingly, most passengers want to be able to apply online before they travel (66%). The desire for simplicity is such that 83% of respondents would even be willing to share their immigration information to speed up the airport arrival process. Although data protection is an important concern, the use of biometric data to replace passports or boarding passes is relatively well accepted (75%). While many passengers are already used to checking in online before departure, 32% would like to do the same for immigration procedures.

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Logically, luggage is the other part of a trip that passengers would like to see lightened up. Almost seven out of ten travelers (67%) would be interested in having their luggage collected and delivered at home. Similarly, 73% are interested in remote baggage check-in options.

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