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The 41-year-old was Latics’ first choice to replace Leam Richardson, who was sacked on November 10.

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The former Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Celtic and Leicester City hero’s wig…

Toure had a long and distinguished playing career, making over 500 appearances for Arsenal, Manchester City, Liverpool, Celtic and Ivory Coast, for whom he made 120 international appearances.

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After hanging up his boots, Toure had spells at Celtic and Ivory Coast before following Brendan Rodgers to Leicester City in 2019.

And he is well aware that he is flying the flag for the next generation of black and ethnic minority coaches who dream of making it to the very top.

“There is no desire because there is no African equivalent to the figure of Sir Alex Ferguson to inspire future generations,” he said in an interview with the sun in 2019. “More African countries are appearing at the World Cups than ever before, but their coaches are French or German. I want to change that.

“What I really like about the Premier League is that it doesn’t matter where you’re from – if you’re good, you’re going to play. People judge you by what you do. I really like that.

“When I first came in 2002, there was no one to inspire me. There were African players like Kanu, but not from my country.

“But I liked the idea of ​​trying to inspire others, to show that difficult things are possible.

“When I finished playing, my idea was to use that experience to succeed as a manager and help future generations.”

The fire in Toure was quickly noticed by Rodgers, who was his manager at Liverpool and Celtic before giving him his first step into management.

“Kolo is someone I turned into coaching,” he said BBClikewise in 2019. “I brought him into my staff at Celtic last summer and he was absolutely brilliant.

“He has a great relationship with the players – everywhere he goes, they have Kola following him everywhere.

“I also enjoy working with new people. We have a really strong team of people.”

The decision for Rodgers to cut the cord is clearly a big one for Toure, who admits his mentor ‘changed my life’ when he finished playing.

“I love Brendan,” he said.442′ magazine last year. “He doesn’t have to love me. Still, he’s already shown how much he cares for me.

“I’ve played for him at two clubs and now he’s taken me on as Leicester manager – that tells me everything.

“Brendan is a man who changed my life as well. Managers accept you because they trust you and that’s all that matters to me.

“I will never forget what he did and does for me every day because he is like my big brother.

“I always intended to go into coaching because I wanted to stay in football.

“Like I said about relationships – at some point one of you might want to move on, but the love is still there.

“We always respect the fans and appreciate them a lot, but sometimes we have to leave for other things.”

For Toure, that time is now.


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