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Windsor Regional Hospital (WRH) officials say they, like other hospitals across the province, are seeing an increase in pediatric patient admissions.

Ontario Health Officer Dr. Kieran Moore is “strongly recommending” masking in all enclosed public settings, as some pediatric units at hospitals say they have been overwhelmed by an influx of patients in recent weeks.

dr. Moore did not issue the mandate but made the recommendation during the announcement Sunday as Ontario faces what he described as “three major viral threats”: COVID-19, influenza and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

‚ÄúThere is a lot of concern that these three respiratory diseases will cause chaos and devastation and unsustainable stress on our hospital system. And we are noticing this right now,” said dr. Raywat Deonandan, an epidemiologist from the University of Ottawa.

WRH officials say the increase has also been felt locally, with 23 young patients currently admitted to the hospital, but a pediatric capacity of just 16.

Officials say all 23 were accommodated in patient rooms elsewhere in the hospital in accordance with surge protocols.

But Deonandan says the triple threat of the disease exposes several weaknesses at the hospital.

“The system as a whole has been struggling for years. COVID has exposed the fragility of that system and this triple threat is now leaving it behind.”

dr. Deonandan says this should be a cause for concern for parents.

“I can only think of the terror of parents in this area,” he said. I mean, you have a child struggling to breathe in the back seat of the car and you get to the hospital. In the end, there may not be room for you. What kind of system is this?”

Officials at Erie Shores Healthcare say they are not accepting pediatric patients. If the child is taken to the hospital through an emergency or emergency room visit, hospital staff will work to stabilize the child, but if they need more than the most general treatment, they will be transferred to Windsor Regional Hospital.

Chatham-Kent Health Alliance officials say they are also seeing an increase in young children in the emergency room with respiratory viruses and other illnesses.

Currently, CKHA currently has one pediatric patient who fluctuates daily, officials say. The hospital has three pediatric beds with the ability to convert up to five if needed.

dr. Short-term, targeted mask mandates in specific settings would be appropriate for limiting the spread of all three viruses, Deonandan says.

“I don’t want to be too alarmist, but I think now is the time to be alarmed,” he said. “If we can’t protect the health and well-being of our children. What are we doing? I don’t think the public fully understands the magnitude of the problem and the emergency and the fact that we’re worse off now than we were in 2020. And it’s only going to get worse.”

– With files from CTV Windsor’s Rich Garton and CTV Toronto’s Phil Tsekouras.


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