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Mahindra Thar has always been a popular SUV among off-road enthusiasts. Its popularity has increased even more after the arrival of new generation in Thar. It is more advanced and capable than the previous generation Thar and still, it is long awaited. Like the previous generation Thar, the new Thar also gets a variety of modification options and we have featured some of them on our website in the past. Here we have one such video of the Mahindra Thar with its massive 5-inch lift kit modification.

The video was uploaded by Thisisgabru on his YouTube channel. It is quite difficult to find a Mahindra Thar without any modifications. Every modified Thar is different and the one seen here in the video is probably the only Thar in the country to receive a 5-inch lift kit. After all the modifications, the overall look of the SUV has completely changed and it looks massive on the road. In this video, the blogger pits the Thar next to the Wrangler Rubicon and the SUV looks as imposing as the Jeep in front of it. In fact, it’s longer than the Wrangler.

The blogger mentions in the video that he opted for a 5-inch lift kit and upgraded the tires along with it. The stock 18-inch alloy wheels and tires have been replaced with off-road spec rims and larger 37-inch off-road tires. Even the spare wheel, mounted on the tailgate, is the same size. The front bumper has been replaced with an off-road unit and it also comes with shackles and an electronic winch. The suspension setup on this Thar has been upgraded and is also adjustable. Like the front bumper, the rear bumper of this SUV has also been modified. Since the spare wheel is now an aftermarket unit and heavier than the stock unit, a custom mount was made to mount the wheel so it wouldn’t damage the tailgate.

India's first new Mahindra Thar with a 5-inch lift is an absolute monster. [Video]

It is the only Mahindra Thar in the country to get disc brakes on all four wheels. The changes made to this Mahindra Thar enhance the off-road capability of the SUV. This would definitely have affected the overall handling and ride comfort of the SUV on the road. In this video, the owner takes the SUV to a river bed where his group usually goes off-roading. With a 5-inch lift kit and big tires, the Mahindra Thar handled all obstacles with ease. The owner was driving the SUV through very rough terrains without any issues because, now there was no way the SUV could lose ground clearance. The SUV’s on-road performance hasn’t been affected much either, the owner said. With all these modifications the SUV looks like an absolute monster and is unlike any other Thar we have come across. The owner does not mention the total cost of this modification in the video.


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