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Chennai: A woman gave birth to a baby on the road outside a maternity ward after the hospital refused to admit her in Tirupati Andhra Pradesh. A video of a woman delivering a baby while other women hold sheets to cover the woman has also gone viral on social media.

According to a report on NDTV, the woman started experiencing labor pains and reached the 100-bed Tirupati Maternity Hospital. However, hospital staff allegedly refused to admit the woman because she was unaccompanied.

The woman who came out of the hospital is said to have suffered severe pain and started screaming. People who were nearby immediately rushed to help.

The women who were nearby were wearing a bed sheet covering the woman. The man, who was a worker in the primary health center, helped the woman give birth.

The woman and the child were then admitted to the hospital.

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However, hospital authorities told The New Indian Express that they did not know the woman was pregnant and she never consulted the doctors at the hospital.

Meanwhile, District Health Officer Tirupati Srihari has ordered an inquiry into the matter. He also said that action will be taken against those found guilty.

Srihari also assured that pregnant women will not be denied admission even if there is no chaperone.

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Tirupati District Collector K Venkataramana Reddy also called on DMHO Srihari. The DMHO also directed to give a report on the delivery of the baby on the road in front of the maternity ward.

TDP constituency leader M Sugunamma condemned the attitude of the maternity hospital. She called the incident regrettable and demanded a thorough investigation of the incident.


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