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Xiaomi certainly had a hit in the Chinese market with its MiOne and Mi-Two series phones, which were said to be China’s “iPhone” in terms of hype, but without the high cost. The company’s limited production line has kept Xiaomi from being too popular in the market, but this same limitation has produced a sense of exclusivity that has turned the brand into a celebrity in the country.

Next on Xiaomi’s radar is Europe, where it has planned to launch its smartphone line. But even before the company launches in the west, it is said to be looking closer to home. According to the latest updates from Xiaomi’s new Facebook page called “Xiaomi Asia,” the Xiaomi Phone 2 will launch in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore “in the near future.”

The CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, mentioned some time ago that the company plans to launch in these countries before the end of the year. But since there are only a few days left before the new year, it is likely that the Chinese company would be able to successfully launch outside the country, that is not likely to happen. Supply has reportedly struggled, due to the extreme demand for Qualcomm’s 28-nm chips, given the increase in Android smartphone sales.

In terms of carriers that will support the Mi-Two, Engadget said Chunghwa Telecom likely to carry it in Taiwan. Meanwhile, in Hong Kong, Xiaomi is likely to follow the same direct online sales model, similar to how it sells the phone in its Chinese domestic market.

Anyone from Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan excited about the Xiaomi phone? What about Europe, the United States and the rest of the world?


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