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Mid-month, the Sun, Mercury and Venus enter Sagittarius, which for you is all about foreign places and people, long-distance travel, as well as spirituality and beliefs. If you’re already abroad while these planets move through Sagittarius from November 15 to December 21, you’re sure to have exciting experiences that will help you renew your outlook on life. If travel isn’t in your November plans, you’ll find plenty of inspiration for planning your next big trip. Looking ahead, you know that a great time to travel abroad would be from February to mid-May as Jupiter travels through Aries, especially when it comes to warm places, exciting destinations that require a lot of physical activity, and spiritual journeys.

Ascendant of Taurus

November is a relationship month for you, so get ready to spend a lot of quality time with friends over the next few weeks. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on Tuesday, October 25 was about starting a new cycle of relationships and partnerships, and Venus, your ruling planet, will also move through Scorpio for the first two weeks of November, making this time especially geared towards colleagues . If you’re interested in dating while traveling, consider this the time to get out there. There are many opportunities to connect with others in dynamic and unexpected ways.

The accompanying Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, Nov. 8, is in Taurus, turning your focus inward and imploring you to reflect on how much you’ve changed in the past year since the Taurus Lunar Eclipse on Nov. 18, 2021. You’ve surprised yourself. how far did you get Midway through this month, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus leave Scorpio for Sagittarius, a part of your chart that has to do with your emotional and financial debts, as well as how you give and receive support in your relationships. By putting a greater focus on this area of ​​your life, you can become very aware of your debts and burdens, as well as any need for more help, whether through better financial planning or therapy or counseling. The Sagittarius New Moon on November 23rd is great for fresh starts on these fronts which might look like finding a new therapist or starting a new savings account for your next big trip. Although Mars is retrograde until January 12th, you’ll want to be more cautious about your spending – instead of going all out to book something ambitious, use this time to explore your options. However, you may already have travel plans during Capricorn season, from December 21 to January 20, as that is the time of year when foreign travel becomes a more active area of ​​your life. Tl;dr: If you’ve already booked something, have a great time; otherwise, watch your wallet a little more, even if the urge to hit the road might hit.

Gemini Rising

Ask Alexa to play Rihanna’s “Work” because that’s your theme song for most of this month. Your ruling planet Mercury moves through Scorpio for the first half of the month, drawing your attention to your day-to-day life. In addition, Mars, the planet responsible for work, is retrograde in Gemini until January 12, again emphasizing the importance of creating and maintaining a balance between work life and family life that is healthy mentally and physically. What roles are you best suited for right now? What are you working for? Your career becomes a bigger focus for the next few years, and this month is an important time to create goals for yourself.


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